Mission & Objectives of OSCA

  1. To help each other in social and professional networking in order to create job opportunities, entrepreneurial opportunities & professional contacts.
  2. To serve the community & the nation.
  3. To specifically contribute to the upliftment of rural India through education and healthcare.
  4. To help the needy and poor students for their upliftment in the field of their Education/Careers/Job Prospectives.
  5. To welcome the valuable suggestions from all the all students which could be beneficial for the institution.
  6. To highlight this esteemed institution which has enormous talented students working progressively in their fields.
  7. To make aware the society with institutional's contribution towards society.
  8. Giving To Society

    NSCBM Govt. College Hamirpur Alumni Award believes that all its members can actively contribute towards various social & community building initiatives such as blood donation; Free medical check-ups & treatment; Disease awareness through camps, seminars & workshops; &free education programmes.
    NSCBM Govt. College welcomes anyone,especially its alumni,as partners to work for the betterment of the nation and upliftment of the society.

    We shall be very happy to hear from you.Please send in your ideas,proposals,views,case-studies,queries etc. on osa_hamirpur@rediffmail.com ,  gdc_hamirpur@rediffmail.com