General Admission Rules

1. Admission will be made on the recommendation of admission committee.

2. Admission will be strictly on fulfilment of eligibility conditions.

3.All admissions will be provisional subject to the approval ofV.C., HPU Shimla.

4.All terms and conditions of the admission and fee structure can be changed or modified as per the directions 0 f H.P. UniversityShimla.

5. A candidate seeking admission will be accompanied by his/her parents/guardian at the time of admission.

6. A student must produce original certificates at the time of admission.

7. A candidate having a gap of one or more years in their studies will have to submit an affidavit explaining the reasons.

All such students who are required to produce affidavits are advised to consult the admission committee about the contents/statement to be given in the affidavit so that inconvenience may be avoided. Submission of false affidavit is a legal offence.

8. Once failed candidate can seek admission in the same class provided he/she has not failed in all subjects.

9. Candidate on college rolls declared passed after re-evaluation will have to seek admission within ten days of declaration of his/her result.

10. Every student seeking admission in any class will be required to pay Rs.350/-towards PTA fund. Fees and funds once deposited will not be refunded.

11. Girl students seeking admission in any class must bring an attested copy of H.P

12.Bonafide certificate to avail themselves of fee concession (Tuition Fee Only).
Students seeking exemption from Tuition Fee for disability must attach an attested copy of 40% disability certificate.

13. The admission of a student who is seeking admission to TDC II or TDC IlI on the basis of educational qualifications acquired from the university other than HPU shall be regularized on the basis of equivalence of syllabi as and when decided by HP university shimla.

14. Candidates coming from school of education Board/University other than HP Board of school education /HPU Shimla must produce migration certificates in original. Only those students who have passed in all subjects in 10+2 from NOS shall be admitted to B.AlB.Com I subject to the minimum eligibility conditions.

1. A student who fails in all subjects or fails twice in a class will not be admitted to that class. However, if he/she opts to change the faculty, he or she may be admitted in the 1st year of the changed new faculty, if otherwise eligible.

2. A candidate failing thrice in the same class in different faculties will not be admitted in the college.

3. A candidate expelled by any college/University or found involved in any indisciplinary activities in the preceding year (s) will not be admitted in the college.

4. A candidate having a stay of more than six years at any college will not be admitted.

5. Candidates who have passed OT/MIL and want relaxation in the concerned subject

are not eligible for admission in the college.

6. The students failed or having compartment from other institutions will not be admitted in the college.

7. Candidate having compartment/failed in TDC-III will not be admitted.

8. As there is no provision of compartment in the National open University, New Delhi rules, therefore a candidate failing in anyone or more than one subject out of five is not eligible for admission/ only passed candidates of NOS will be admitted if otherwise eligible.

9. Any candidates who have not appeared / passed in English as a subject at 10+2 level shall not be eligible for admission in BAI.

10. If the student gets admission by furnishing incorrect information or by concealing the facts, his/her admission will be cancelled on detection of such fault by the college/University.

11. In spite of the eligibility for admission, the principal can refuse admission if the conduct of the student has not been up to the mark during previous years.

12. The Principal reserves the right to reject or cancel the admission of any student without assigning any reason (s) or explanations if situation warrants so.

13. Every candidate seeking admission to any class have to apply on the prescribed form available in the college prospectus.

14. The application form is to be filled up neatly by the applicant in his/her own handwriting carefully after reading all rules, eligibility conditions.

15. The applicant has to bring his/her mother/father/ guardian with him/her at the time of admission.

Guardian means only blood relation. He/she should not be a student of this college. No students of this college should sign in the place of parent/guardian of any applicant otherwise none of the two will be admitted in the college.

16. The sequence in which certificates are to be attached is given in the admission form.

17. After getting the form verified and approved from the members of admission committee, the applicant will go to the convener of the said committee and there after to the final admission committee. (Room nos are mentioned along with admission committees)

Note: if the student does not deposit fees immediately after the final committee has cleared/signed the admission form, his/her admission will be deemed as cancelled.

18. In case of any clarification or guidance, the applicant can approach admission guidance committee of the college.

The Completed admission form along with blo- data card, undertaking and PTA form must be submitted along with the following documents:-

1. Two (2X25cm) Size own photographs and two(2X25cm} size photographs of his/her father/mother/guardian.

2. All certificates from matric examination onwards must be carried in original along with their photo copies (only for BAlBSc/B.Com-1 and post graduate classes)

3. H.P. Domicile certificate for girl students.

4. 40% disability certificate and category certificate in case of students seeking any sort of fee concession/age relaxation.

5. Photocopy of registration card.

6. Original character certificates from Head of the institution last attended in case of a student seeking admission to the 1st year of any course

In case of student who has discontinued his/her studies for one or more year the character certificate must be supplemented by another character certificate obtained from gazetted class I officer or the Panchayat Pradhan of the village/ iIIaka concerned.

Note : The character certificate must not have been issued more than six months prior to the date of admission

7. A student seeking admission from board/ university other than H.P. will have to produce photocopy of his/her migration certificate.

8. Affidavit, wherever applicable (see admission rules).


(1) Every student must have his/her own e-maillD
(2) Every student must mention his/her own Bank Account No. and Aadhar No. in the admission form.
(3) Parents must ensure the entry oftheir own phone No. in the admission form in order to make it convenient to send important messages through SMS.
(4) Photo copy of bank account No and aadhar No.