Retail Management

Department of Retail Management

Started in the year 2017, School of Vocational Study, NSCBM Govt Degree College, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, has a rich history of distinguished teachers, meritorious students, healthy academic environment and a vibrant extracurricular activity. The department has UG programs which fulfill the requirements of students. Retail Management stream is purely skill based & job oriented. This degree program is a complete three years program designed by University Grants Commission.  .

.Vision of the Department:

  1. Enhancement of Knowledge and Professional Skills: Our foremost objective is to empower our students with a robust knowledge base and the practical skills required to excel in their chosen fields. Through rigorous academic programs and hands-on experiences, we aim to equip our students with the tools necessary to thrive in the professional world.
  • Fostering Critical Thinking Abilities:We are dedicated to nurturing the ability of our students to think critically and analytically. Critical thinking is an essential skill that not only enriches their academic pursuits but also prepares them to face the challenges of a rapidly evolving global landscape.
  • Creating a Positive Impact on Business and Society:Our department is committed to producing graduates who are not only adept in their respective fields but also conscious of their role in society. We aim to instill in our students a sense of responsibility and a commitment to making a positive impact on both the business world and the communities they serve.
  • Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Spirit:In a world driven by innovation and entrepreneurship, we endeavor to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within our students. We believe that fostering a culture of innovation and risk-taking is essential to prepare them for the ever-evolving economic landscape. Through specialized programs and mentorship, we aim to inspire the entrepreneurial aspirations of our students.

Mission of the Department:

Our mission is to provide top-tier vocational education and support, empowering our students to acquire essential skills, qualifications, and the confidence needed to unlock their full potential and shape a brighter future.

Sr. No.NameDesignationProfile


Mr. Anil Sharma

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Mr. Sunil Rana

Vocational TrainerView

Mrs. Meenakshi

Vocational TrainerView

 Retail Team Leader


RAS/N0122: To help maintain health and safety

RAS/N0131: To allocate and check work in your team

RAS/N0137: To work effectively in a retail team

RAS/N0138: To work effectively in an organization

RAS/N0139: To plan visual merchandising

RAS/N0140: To establish and satisfy customer needs

RAS/N0145: To communicate effectively with stakeholders

RAS/N0146: To organize the display of products at the store

RAS/N0147: To process the sale of products

RAS/N0148: To maintain the availability of goods for sale to customers

 RAS/N0150: To monitor and solve customer service problems


Retail Departmental Manager


 RAS/N0122: To help maintain health and safety

 RAS/N0131: To allocate and check work in your team

RAS/N0137: To work effectively in a retail team

 RAS/N0138: To work effectively in an organisation

 RAS/N0139: To plan visual merchandising

RAS/N0140: To establish and satisfy customer needs

 RAS/N0141: To monitor and manage store performance  

RAS/N0142: To provide leadership for your team

 RAS/N0143: To build and manage store team

 RAS/N0144: To develop individual retail service opportunities

RAS/N0145: To communicate effectively with stakeholders

RAS/N0151: To manage a budget





Business Leader/Multi-outlet Retailer


RAS/N0205: Build relationship with vendors / dealers to ensure smooth business operations and increase sales

RAS/N0207: Manage customer needs effectively through need identification and strong customer relationship

RAS/N0209: Implement legal compliances, policies and procedures

RAS/N0211: Manage inventory and sales

RAS/N0215: Manage financial operations

RAS/N0216: Manage business operations

RAS/N0217: Update self and team on products/services being offered by the business

RAS/N0218: Drive operational excellence

RAS/N0219: Drive marketing activities and plan promotion strategies

RAS/N0220: Perform manpower planning activity and impart training to staff

 RAS/N0221: Manage team through demonstration of leadership skills





Retail Store Manager


 RAS/N0152: Optimize inventory to ensure maximum availability of stocks and minimized losses

 RAS/N0153: Implement standard operating procedures, process and policy at the store while ensuring timely and accurate reporting

RAS/N0154: Manage sales and service delivery to increase store profitability

RAS/N0155: Check and confirm adherence to visual merchandising plans

RAS/N0156: Manage overall safety, security and hygiene of the store

 RAS/N0157: Implement promotions and special events at the store

RAS/N0158: Manage human resources at the store through manpower planning, recruitment, training and performance management

RAS/N0159: Conduct price benchmarking and market study of competition

Program Specific Outcomes


Course Name/

Course code



Course outcomes



With the completion of the course a student will know the Basic of Visual Merchandising Health and Safety Measures, etiquettes of greeting customers, maintenance of store ambiance, and importance to increase basket size.

Students will also learn the Techniques of cross selling and up selling. They will know the positive impact of Customer feedback and reviewing them along with customer satisfaction.

Business Communication & Professional Skills – I

RA111/ RA114


·         Learn the principles of good writing

·         Report Writing – Essay, Business

·         Letter Writing – Request, Complaint and Persuasive

·         Learn the Barriers to Communication, The Communication Process

·         Learn the Importance of Communication at Workplace

·         Learn Different types of Business Writings – Memos, Email, Notification, Meeting (Agenda & Minutes), Business report


Fundamentals In Accounting And Technology – I



·         Learn the Basics of Book-keeping

·         Basics of Accounting

·         Accounting Terms and their significance

·         Learn the Generation of Computers, Classification of Computers

·         Different Computer Software’s

·         Basics of Internet and email


Introduction to Retail and retail store operations



·         History, evolution and different types of Retail formats.

·         Rules and regulations of Store Openings and closing.

·         Prevention of Shrinkage and Damage.

·         Understanding the basics of Visual Merchandising.

·         Importance and Health Safety and Security at workplace

·         Job responsibilities and Skills of Sales associate

·         Importance and Need of Team Work.







Consumer Buying Behaviour and retail sales



·         Basics of Consumer buying Decision/Behaviour

·         Knowledge of product and Service

·         Retail Selling Techniques.

·         Importance and Requirements on Product Demonstration.

·         Facilitating customers on choosing the right product.

·         How to increase Basket size


Customer Service and Customer Relationship Management



·         Brand Building

·         Knowledge on Customer Service Desk (CSD)

·         Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

·         Customer Feedback and Service Delivery.







By the end of completion of this semester the student will posses all the qualities of Team Leader. Assembling of Product, by creating Focal point to attract the customer’s attention. How to use props and mannequins and various other fixtures.

Students will know the difference between what a product and service along with their benefits and will be thorough with the legal pricing requirements in order to avoid offences and penalties.

The students will be well versed while communicating with the customers and familiarising with retail terms.

Students will learn that team work plays a vital role.













Business Communication & Professional Skills – II


·         Learn to develop Listening Skills employing different methods - Informational, Critical, Therapeutic/Empathetic

·         Learn the develop effective reading skills through different methods - Skimming, Scanning, Deep or Detail reading

·         Learn to develop effective Presentation Skills vis-a-vis oral and written

·         Learn to develop effective Verbal and Non-Verbal Skills learn one-on-on conversation and how effectively use interpersonal skills at the workplace, learn the importance of dialogue at workplace.

·         How to write CV and giving interviews




Fundamentals In Accounting And Technology - II

RA 212/RA213


Learn the Basic Accounting Procedures

 Journal Entry – methods and advantages

 Ledger Entry – Balancing accounts

 Learn different Operating Systems and Functions of OS

·         Internet and Services of Internet

·         Working of MS Office Applications – Word, Powerpoint and Excel













Store Display and Visual Merchandise



·         Learn to keep the Store Hygiene and Cleanliness

·         Importance of Cleanliness and Store Ambiance

·         Learn Assembling of Products

·         Importance of Merchandise Display/ Visual Display and their elements.

·         Role of Props in Retail

·         Learn Product labelling














Sales Management



·         Product and Service Knowledge

·         Props and Display Requirements for Merchandising.

·         Creation of Focal Point.  Importance of Voice of Customers (VoC) and Customer loyalty.

·         Meaning and Importance of Point of Sale (PoS)

·         Legal Requirements of Product Pricing and factors to consider while pricing.

·         Waste Management.

·         Meaning Objective, Functions and importance of Communication. The different formats of Communication.














Organisation and Team Dynamics



·         Company’s Vision Mission and Values.

·         Job Role of Team Leader

·         Effective Teamwork and communications.

·         Healthy relationships with colleagues co-workers and work etiquettes with both the genders.

·         Planning and organising Work activities.

·         Achieving Organisation goals through teamwork.

·         Setting targets and importance of feedback.

·         Heathy, Safety , Security, Plans and Procedures.



 RA/Q0106, Level 6

In this level the students will have the knowledge of Department manager. The leadership qualities he/she possessed along with the management of team in achieving the department target. Ensuring that Team members and Team Leaders are trained in respective roles. Positive work environment by leading by examples and giving importance to resolve Customer care complaints. Conducting Interviews to meet staffing demands for one’s department

Students will gain knowledge on what to implement during Emergencies. Here they will learn cash Students will gain knowledge on what to implement during Emergencies.

Here they will learn cash Handling and POS management. Timely performance appraisal and giving on the Job Training to the team. And giving importance to Motivation and their positive impact. They will know that a department needs to have effective planning & organisation skills to fulfil the objectives of the work assigned.

Aspects on work assignment to team members, delegation and accountability will be learned










Store Operation Management

& supply Chain Management.


  • Develop a sound understanding of the important role of supply chain management in today’s business environment
  • Become familiar with current supply chain management trends Understand and apply the current supply chain theories, practices and concepts utilizing case problems and problem-based learning situations
  • Learn to use and apply computer-based supply chain optimization tools including the use of selected state of the art supply chain software suites currently used in business
  • Develop and utilize critical management skills such as negotiating, working effectively within a diverse business environment, ethical decision making and use of information technology


  • Become familiar with current inventory control techniques, understand demand and demand forecasting and get ready to apply all these concepts in supply chain management.




















Communicative English

RA 311

·         Developing a confident demeanour and being well-versed in the English language and also being able to use it appropriately with the required appropriateness depending on the occasion and place.

·          Personality development and becoming assertive.

·           Learning to be professional but cordial to all.

·          Specializing or excelling in a specific discipline sometimes in more than one allied discipline is a specific outcome of DSE courses which in itself are streamlined disciplines instructed in detail to nurture an already existing interest of a student or to identify their aptitude in those disciplines.





Retail store operation and profitability management

SP 323


·         Meaning and Importance of Inventory Management and Merchandise Management

·         Different aspects and Display Techniques.

·         Setting Department objectives and monitoring. (SMART)

·         Budgeting and the benefits of Budget and components.

·         Importance of Team work and Conflict Management

·         Business Cycle





Customer experience Management

SP 322


·         Identifying Customer Needs.

·         Customer Buying Decision.

·         Maintenance of Store and personal Hygiene.

·         Techniques of Handling Customer objection.

·         Different channels of communications

·         Clients Managements and targeting Potential Clients.

·         Customer experience innovations











Human Resource Management



·         Introduction to HRM. Need and importance of HRM, Roles and Responsibilities of HRM

·         HRM Process Job Analysis, Job Specification, Training and development.

·         Compensation and Benefits, Collective Bargaining, Performance Appraisal and Employee Retention.

·         Importance of career Stages, Career Planning and Career path.

·         Importance and Benefits of Fringe Benefits

·         The National Labour Relations Board (NLRB)

·         Trait theories of Leadership, Leadership Skills,

·         Leadership Development Programmes












Environment science


·         Demonstrate mastery of core ecological and physical science concepts and methods as they pertain to environmental problem-solving.

·         Demonstrate mastery of core social science concepts and methods as they pertain to environmental problem-solving.

·         Recognize and integrate the international, cross-cultural, and transdisciplinary nature of environmental problems in analyses and solutions.

·         Produce a culminating/multi-scale piece of work demonstrating the ability to synthesize concepts and methods to make a contribution to environmental solutions.

·         Apply proficiency in analytical methods, critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills sufficient to make a contribution in environmental and related fields.














Understanding Leadership



·         Communications and Barriers to Communications and importance to customer feedback through communications.

·         Meaning and Importance of Communication, Types and Process of Motivations.

·         Meaning, Definition, Functions and importance of Leadership. Powers of Leaders and Styles of Leadership.

·         Team Dynamics Behavioural Standards of Team members.

·         Collecting analysing and reviewing of feedback and conflict management.

·         Recruitment of Team members and process of Recruiting.








Team and Organisational Dynamics

RA 325


·         Effective work allocation and timely completion of work.

·         Constructive Feedback.

·         Performance appraisal.

 Planning and organising work activities.

·         Setting and achieving work targets.

·         Work life balance.

·         Overview of organizational behaviour policies for customers, colleagues and seniors.

·         Analyse health safety and security plans and procedures.

·         Safely handling of goods and understanding hazards.

·         Concept of emergency evacuation and symbols used in evacuation plan.




The store manager will know and take care the recruitment process in order to get the right candidate for the right job.

Team development, facilitating staff learning, training and development.

Understanding customer service principles. Knowledge on labour legislations. The students will learn the different ways in which they can retain the employees and provide job satisfaction along with friendly work environment.

The SM will have a complete knowledge on collective Bargaining and different ways to tackle them.














Marketing management RA 511


·         Meaning Importance Nature and functions of Marketing. Core Marketing Concept. Marketing Mix

·         Selling and Marketing

·         Meaning and definition of Marketing Environment. Detail study on Macro and Micro Environment.

·         Ethical Marketing and Advertising.

·         Meaning and importance of Corporate Social Responsibilities.

·         Meaning Definition of Marketing Information system. Ways to improve the quantity and quality of MIS.

·         Meaning, Evolution, Nature, Objectives and Sources of Market Research. Process of Market Research.

·         Market Segmentation, Target Market Selection, and Market Positioning.






















Business statistics RA512

The objective of this course is to provide an understanding for the graduate business student on statistical concepts to include measurements of location and dispersion, probability, probability distributions, sampling, estimation, hypothesis testing, regression, and correlation analysis, multiple regression and business/economic forecasting. By completing this course the student will learn to perform the following:

·         How to calculate and apply measures of location and measures of dispersion grouped and   ungrouped data cases.

·         How to apply discrete and continuous probability distributions to various business problems.

·         Perform Test of Hypothesis as well as calculate confidence interval for a population parameter for      single sample and two sample cases. Understand the concept of p-values

·         Learn non-parametric test such as the Chi-Square test for Independence as well as Goodness of   Fit.

·         Compute and interpret the results of Bivariate and Multivariate Regression and Correlation Analysis, for forecasting and also perform ANOVA and F-test. Further, understand both the meaning and applicability of a dummy variable and the assumptions which underline a regression model. Be able to perform a multiple regression using computer software.


































Retail store operations and sales RA521


·         Retail Store Management.

·         Meaning and importance of stock control, Types of stock Control.

·         Inventory Budget

·         Meaning and Process of Stock Take

·         Importance of Visual Merchandise, Standards and guidelines.

·         Effective relationship with vendors.

·         Plano gram, Detail study on types of Store Layout, Guidelines on Promotional Events and product display.

·         Need and importance and elements of In- Store Promotions.

·         Techniques of Collecting Market Information system.













Process compliance safety  & Security RA522


·         Importance of Store Audits and ways to conduct store audits.

·         Legal aspects for store environments.

·         Importance of IT in Retail

·         Importance of reporting Health and safety issues.

·         Threat to workers and work place. Guidelines and policies for keeping work place safe.

·         Techniques for handling hazardous substances.

·         Establishing security measures and procedures for retail stores.

·         Importance of Complying to store security and procedures. Store shrinkage. Implementation of security measures in case of emergencies.






































Retail environment RA612

·         Understand what  Retail environment means to business executives and academics

·         Understand the ways that retailers use marketing tools and techniques to interact with their customers.

·         Explain the central role of retail in industrialised societies, and the impact of key market/retail trends upon this sector in the local and global contexts.

·         Identify the key stakeholders and the roles/responsibilities of retail towards these stakeholders.

·         Identify the key stakeholders and the roles/responsibilities of retail towards these stakeholders

·         Understand and apply appropriate frameworks to develop high level retail marketing strategy, and identify the role of marketing strategies in the building of brand equity and shareholder value in the retail industry

·         Understand the impact of retailing on the economy.

·         Comprehend retailing’s role in society and, conversely, society’s impact on retailing.

·         See how retailing fits within the broader disciplines of business and marketing.

·         Recognize and understand the operations-oriented policies, methods, and procedures used by successful retailers in today’s global economy.

·         Know the responsibilities of retail personnel in the numerous career positions available in the retail field.




















Corporate ethics & social Responsibilities RA611


·         Understanding the concepts of Ethics, Sources and Elements of Business Ethics

·         CSR and its evolution into a discipline; elements of CSR

·         CSR practices in India and incorporation into Business Strategy

·         Emerging Trends in Project Management, Project Appraisal Methods

·         Understanding Financial Appraisal Time Value of Money, Discounting Methods – NPV, B-C Ratio, IRR














People process and profitability Management RA524


·         Interviewing techniques used during recruitment process.

·         Meaning of Organizational culture and their importance in driving business performance.

·         Meaning, importance and benefits of Training and Development in store Operations.

·         Improvement of work culture.

·         Methods for Team Development.

·         Importance and Maintenance of store ambiance.

·         Perpetuate personal hygiene at work. Meaning process of manpower planning.

·         Technology in retail.

·         Process of Customer Need Identification.



School of vocational study Retail Management has a well equipped lab and classrooms to enhance the skills and knowledge of students. We have well furnished and equipped class rooms. In our labs we have following equipments:

  1. POS Machine
  2. Mannequins
  3. Display racks (single sided , double sided)
  4. Demonstration table, sound system & other equipments.

  • Drinks and eatables are not allowed in the lab.
  •  Chewing gum, eating, drinking, smoking, littering are prohibited inside the Retail Lab.
  • Be prepared to show your College ID card if requested. You can be asked to leave the lab if you cannot provide this ID.
  • No one is allowed to alter or delete configuration settings of any Lab equipments.
  • Chairs & Desk should always be pushed back in close to the desks.
  • Ensure that no trash is left behind.
  • Turn-off Lab Equipment units.
  • Treat the equipment as if it were your own; be nice to it.
  • Use your common sense.