The Red Ribbon, as an awareness ribbon, is used as the symbol for the solidarity of people living with HIV/AIDS, and for the awareness and prevention of drug abuse and drunk driving.The Red Ribbon International was started in 1993 to create awareness about HIV/AIDS.The Red Ribbon Club is a movement started by the Government of India in Educational institutions through which students will be making awareness of HIV/AIDS.The club organizes awareness programme on HIV/AIDS at regular intervals.The Red Ribbon Club of NSCBM GC Hamirpur was established in 2008.

Red like love, as a symbol of passion and tolerance for those affected. Red like blood, representing the pain suffered by the many people who have died of AIDS. Red like the anger over the helpless we are facing for a disease which still has no cure. Red as a sign of warning to not carelessly ignore one of the biggest problems of our life. Red Ribbon Clubs are envisaged to instill among all the students in the educational institutions values of service, develop healthy life styles, and increase access to safe and adequate quantities of blood to all the needy by promotion of Regular voluntary blood donation. Apart from this, RRC aims at harnessing the potential of the youth by equipping them with correct information on Mental Health, Substance  Abuse, Nutrition and Reproductive & Sexual Health and building their capacities as peer educators in spreading messages on positive health behaviour in an enabling environment.

Specific objectives of Red Ribbon Club during the year 2023-24, which are:

  • To instill life skills into youths to live better and healthier life.
  • To promote voluntary blood donation among youth.
  • Organize and facilitate voluntary blood donation camps and mobilize the youth for voluntary blood donation.
  • Educate youth with correct, concise and adequate information and heighten their level of awareness about HIV/AIDS/STI, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis etc.
  • Increase youths access to health care services related to HIV/AIDS etc.
  • Create linkage between youth and government and NGOs.

Basic Strategies of Red Ribbon Club Programme

The programme is being implemented through State AIDS Contorl Society Shimla HP and in cordination with District AIDS Control Society Hamirpur HP, RRC Incharge and Peer educators. The Nodal teachers and peer educators will take interactive classroom sessions with students in college.

  • These sessions will be based on five issues those are as follows:
  • Healthy life style and stress & strain free environment.
  • Drug Addiction.
  • Blood Donation Promotion.
  • Life skill development and Good eating habits.
  • Reproductive & Sexual Health including RTI/STI and HIV/AIDS.
  • The sessions will be participatory and seek to address the concerns of youths on growing up through role play, brainstorming and discussion. They will also address myths and misconceptions that young people have about health.



Mr. Sanjay Chauhan

Nodal officer

Ms Anchal kumari

Student Peer Educators

Ms Richa Sharma

Student Peer Educators

Mr. Rohit

Student Peer Educators