NSCBM GOVT. College demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the promotion of academic excellence and financial inclusion. The institution’s comprehensive Scholarship and Financial Assistance Policy ensures that deserving college students have access to a diverse range of scholarship opportunities. NSCBM GOVT.College takes pride in its practice of acknowledging and rewarding academic excellence within the college community and actively facilitating students in accessing scholarship schemes provided by central and state governments. The scholarship empowers students to excel in both their academic and personal pursuits while ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder their path to success.

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Scholarship Committees

  1. Dr. Satish Soni(Convener)
  2. Mr. Saurabh Sood
  3. Mr. Parshant Sharma
  4. Dr. Pushpender Singh Sharma
  5. Ms. Neeraj Sharma
  6. Dr. Sandeep Kumar
  7. Mr. Pawan Kumar (Maths)
  8. Mr. Surender Kumar
  9. Mr. Amit Kumar

Dr.Vashalee Singh(Convener)

  1. Mr.Sourabh Sood
  2. Mr.Shakti Singh
  3. Ms.Sapna Rana
  4. Dr.Pushpender Singh Thakur
  5. Dr.Rohit Sandal
  6. Ms.Neeraj Sharma
  7. Ms.Poonam Sharma
  8. Dr.Sandeep Kumar
  9. Mr.Pawan Kumar(Eco)
  10. Mr.Surender Kumar
  11. Mr. Amit Sharma

Dr.Satish Soni(Convener)

  1. Vashalee Singh
  2. Saurabh Sood
  3. Ajay Kumar
  4. Sapna Rana
  5. Neeraj Sharma
  6. Mukul
  7. Shakti Singh
  8. Devender Singh
  9. Pushpinder Singh Thakur
  10. Poonam Sharma
  11. Rohit Sandal
  12. Surender Kumar

Dr. Satish Soni(Convener)

  1. Mr.Saurabh Sood
  2. Ms.Sapna
  3. Ms.Neeraj Sharma
  4. Dr. Sandeep Kumar
  5. Ms.Seema
  6. Ms.Babita Suman
  7. Dr.Dinesh Sharma
  8. Mr.Vikash Chander
  9. Ms Shelly Parul
  10. Ashwani Kumar
  11. Reenu
  12. Surrender Kumar (TTM)

Dr. Krishan Lal(Convener)

  1. Mr.Vipan Sharma
  2. Dr.Uttam Kumar
  3. Ms.Neeraj Sharma
  4. Ms.Richa
  5. Ms.Monika Puri
  6. Dr.Dinesh Sharma
  7. Ms.Poonam Sharma
  8. Dr.Pritam Chand
  9. Mr.Sanjay Kumar.

List of Beneficiaries