Examination Hall Guidelines


  1. Arrive Early:

   - Arrive at the examination hall well before the scheduled start time.

  1. Valid ID:

   - Bring a valid identification card and examination hall ticket.

  1. Stationery:

   - Carry necessary stationery items such as pens, pencils, erasers, and a ruler.

  1. Listen to Instructions:

   - Pay attention to and follow the instructions provided by the invigilators.

  1. Silence Your Devices:

   - Ensure that all electronic devices, including mobile phones, are switched off or in silent mode and are kept outside the hall.

  1. Maintain Silence:

   - Maintain silence once inside the examination hall to create a conducive environment for all candidates.

  1. Check Your Seating Arrangement:

   - Verify and sit at your assigned seat as per the seating plan.

  1. Ask for Help:

   - If you have any questions or concerns, raise your hand and ask the invigilator for assistance.

  1. Complete Information on Answer Sheet:

   - Fill in all required details on the answer sheet, including your name, roll number, and other necessary information.

  1. Stay Calm:

    - Stay calm and focused throughout the examination; manage your time effectively.


  1. No Unauthorized Materials:

   - Do not bring any unauthorized materials, notes, or electronic devices into the examination hall.

  1. No Communication:

   - Do not communicate with other candidates once the examination begins.

  1. No Cheating:

   - Absolutely no cheating or attempting to copy from others; it is a violation of academic integrity.

  1. No Leaving Early:

   - Do not leave the examination hall before the allotted time, unless permitted by the invigilator.

  1. No Disturbances:

   - Avoid creating disturbances, such as unnecessary noise or movement, that may disrupt others.

  1. No Unauthorized Writing:

   - Do not write on the question paper or any other materials not designated for your use.

  1. No Sharing Materials:

   - Refrain from sharing stationery or any materials with other candidates.

8. No Unauthorized Absences:

   - Do not leave your seat without permission from the invigilator.

9. No Tampering:

   - Do not tamper with or deface any examination materials or property.

  1. No Communication Devices:

    - Do not use any communication devices, including smartwatches, during the examination.


Additional Points:

  1. Examination Material Cleanup:

    - Examination Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent shall ensure that no paper or examination material is left behind in the examination hall after the conclusion of the exam.

12. No Use of Woofers:

    - The use of woofers or any other loud audio devices is strictly prohibited in the examination hall. Only acceptable sound decibel levels, limited to 55 dB, will be permissible to ensure a quiet and focused environment for all candidates.

  1. Refundable Security for Outsiders:

    - A refundable security deposit of Rs. 5000 shall be charged from outsiders, including student organizations, who wish to use the examination hall for their events. This deposit serves as a commitment to maintaining the integrity of the venue.

  1. Non-Refundable Maintenance Fee in Addition to the Refundable Security Fee:

    - A non-refundable maintenance and cleanliness fee of Rs. 1000 shall be charged for any use of the examination hall from college officials/students and Rs. 5000 shall be charged from the outsiders. This fee is intended to cover the costs associated with maintaining the venue in optimal condition.

  1. In the event of any damage caused during the use of the examination hall , the penalty for repair and replacement shall be deducted from the security deposit. It is imperative for users to exercise care and responsibility to prevent any harm to the facilities.

Please adhere to these guidelines to ensure a fair and disciplined examination environment.







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