Road Safety Club

Year of Establishment: 2022

Focal Area: Road safety, awareness of traffic rules and security rules

Road Safety Club in colleges was constituted to involve the student community in road safety activities and to create awareness of Road use. The objective of this club is to make students responsible citizens and educate them about traffic rules, traffic regulations and related matters to ensure safety on the road. The club regularly involve students in action-based program related to safe road, safe speed, safe driving and safe vehicle, conducts awareness campaigns about the helmet, seat belt, drug abuse, speed, drunk driving, etc. and slogan and poster making competitions.

The objectives of the club are:

  • To familiarize the students with Road Safety and Traffic Rules & Regulations.                                                                                                             
  • To raise the awareness amongst the society through aware and responsible youth.                                                                                                  
  • To conduct activity based programmes towards awareness about Road signs, signals, markings and lane discipline.                                                    
  • To involve students in awareness drives related to safe roads, safe speed, safe drive, safe hill drive and safe vehicles.                                          
  • To educate the students about the First Aid and assistance to accident victims. To emphasis on importance of Golden Hour.                                   
  • To conduct the special campaign about use of helmet & seat belt, about drug abuse, over speed, drunken driving.                                                         
  • To aware them about the emergency calling numbers of emergency services such as Police, Ambulance, etc.                                                            


    • Different types of competitions are organized such as slogan writing, poster making and poetry recitation etc.
    • The club regularly organizes a campaign under which the students who do not wear helmets or do not have driving license with them are prohibited to enter the college campus along with their vehicles.


    1Mr. Vinod ChandCoordinator
    2Ms Apoorva ThakurMember
    3SUO Prajwal RangraLeader
    4UO Kritika ThakurAssistant Leader

Road signs

Cautionary Signs:

These signs are used to warn the road users of the existence of certain hazardous condition either on or adjacent to the roadway, so that the motorists are cautious and take the desired action. Some of the signs, which fall under this category, are in triangular shape as shown below.

Mandatory Signs:

These signs are used to inform road users of certain laws and regulations to provide safety and free flow of traffic. These include all signs which give notice of special obligation, prohibition or restrictions with which the road user must comply. The violation of these signs is a legal offence and punishable under Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and rules made thereunder. Some of the signs, which fall under this category are in circular shape, except Stop and Yield signs as shown below

Informatory Signs:

These signs are meant to provide information on direction, destination, roadside facilities, etc. to the road user. Following informative road signs helps a driver in saving time, reaching destination without wandering around. These signs are generally facilitators to the driver. These signs are normally blue in color.