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Lecture: 1

Data Structures what and why

Lecture: 2


Lecture: 3

Balanced Parenthesis, infix and postfix notation

Lecture: 4


Lecture: 5

Linked Lists

Lecture: 6

Linked Lists Part-II

Lecture: 7

Operations on Linked Lists

Lecture: 8


Lecture: 9

Binary Trees

Lecture: 10

Binary Search Tree (Part-I)

Lecture: 11

Binary Search Tree (Part-II)

Lecture: 12


Lecture: 13

Binary Search

Lecture: 14

Implementation in Python

Lecture: 15

Memory Management

Lecture: 16

Memory Management Issue

Lecture: 17

Garbage Collection Algorithms for equal sized blocks

Lecture: 18

Garbage Collection Algorithms for objects with mixed size

Lecture: 19

Characteristics of Storage Devices

Lecture: 20

I/O Buffering

Lecture: 21

Basic File System Operations

Lecture: 22

File Organizations