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Lecture 1

Lecture 2 Classification of Computers

Lecture 3 Computer Generations

Lecture 4 Basic Computer Organization

Lecture 5 Memory Hierarchy

Lecture-6 Registers and Cache

Lecture 7 Primary(Main) Memory

Lecture 8 Secondary Memory

Unit2 Lecture 1 Concept of Problem Solving

Unit 2 Lecture 2 Types of errors & Documentation

Unit 2 Lecture 3 Techniques of Problem Solving

Unit2 Lecture 4 Structured Programming & Programming Methodologies

Unit 3 Lecture 1 Overview of Programming

Unit 3 Lecture 2 Python IDLE

Unit 3 Lecture 3 Python Identifier and Keywords, strings

Unit 3Lecture 4 Type, Input and Print Functions

Unit 3Lecture 5 Operators

Unit 3Python Conditional Statements

Unit 3Python Looping Statements 

Unit 3Python Loop Control Statements

Unit 4 Lecture 1 Python data types

Unit 4 Lecture 2 Tuple in Python

Unit 4 Lecture 3 Dictionay in Python

Unit 4 Lecture 4 For Loop in Python

Unit 4 Lecture 5 Python Functions

Unit-IV Lecture 6 Python Modules (Date and Time Module)

Unit-IV Lecture 7 Classes and Objects in Python

Unit-IV Lecture 8 Inheritance in Python

Unit-IV Lecture 9 Regular Expressions in Python (Part-I)

Unit-IV Lecture10 Regular Expressions (Part-II- Metacharacters)

Unit-IV Lecture 11 Regular Expressions (Part-III)

Unit-IV Lecture 12 GUI Programming in Python

Unit-IV Lecture 13 Python GUI Programming (Tkinter)