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Comp202TH Lecture 1 Whats database and Why

Comp202TH Lecture 2 DBMS

Comp202TH Lecture 3-File Oriented System vs Database

Comp202TH Lecture 4 – Data Models

Comp202Th Lecture 5 DBMS Architecture and Data Independence

Comp202TH Lecture 6 Database Design Phases

Comp202TH Lecture 8 SQL

Comp202TH Lecture7- Data Modelling using the Entity Relationship Model

Lecture 8 SQL99 Schema Definition Constraints

SQL Queries Basic-hands on

Unit III Lecture 1 Relational Model

Unit III Lecture 2 Relational constraints

Unit III Lecture 3 Realtional Algebra (Part-I)

Unit III Lecture 4 Realtional Algebra(Part-II)

Unit IV Lecture 1 Database Normalization

Unit IV Lecture 2 Database Normalization

Unit IV Lecture 3 Types of Keys in Relational Model & Codd Rules