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Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Software Process Models (Waterfall Model)

Lecture 3 Incremental and Prototype Model

Lecture 4 Evolutionary and Spiral Model

Lecture 5 Software Requirements

Lecture 6 Requirement Elicitation Process

Lecture 7(Part-I) Requirements Validation and Management

Lecture 8(Part-II) Requirements Validation and Management

Lecture 9 Software Prototyping

Lecture 10 Rapid Prototyping Techniques & UI Prototyping

Lecture 11 Requirement Analysis and Modeling

Structural Analysis and Data Dictionary

Transform Mapping (recommended Read)

Unit II Lecture 1

Unit II Lecture 2

Unit II Lecture 3 Modularity

Unit II Lecture 4 Design Heuristic and Design Document

Unit II Lecture 5 Architectural Design

Unit II Lecture 6 Architectural Styles

Unit II Lecture 7 Transform and Transaction Mapping

Unit II Lecture 8 User Interface Design

Unit III Lecture 1 The SCM Process

Unit III Lecture 2 Identification and Version Control

Unit III Lecture 3 Change Control & Configuration Audit

Unit III Lecture 4 Softwre Measurements

Unit III Lecture 5 Size Metrics (LOC)

Unit III Lecture 6 Function Oriented Metrics (Function Point)

Unit III Lecture 7 Data Structure and Information Flow Measure

Unit III Lecture 9 Emprical Estimation Models (COCOMO)

Unit III Lecture8 Estimation for Software Projects

Unit IV Lecture 1 Testing

Unit IV Lecture 2 Black Box Testing

Unit IV Lecture 3 Structural Testing

Unit IV Lecture 4 Regression Testing

Unit IV Lecture 5 Software Testing Strategies

Unit IV Lecture 6 Software Testing Strategies (Part-II) Unit Testing

Unit IV Lecture 7 Integration Testing

Unit IV Lecture 8 Validation and System Testing

Unit IV Lecture 9 Debugging

Unit IV Lecture 10 Reverse Engineering

Unit IV Lecture 11 Re engineering

Unit4 Lecture 12 CASE Tools